Debt Snowball Plan

I also realized I can finally pay off my lowest debt!! šŸ™‚ I am so excited to do that! On Monday, I will be paying off my personal loan and then also asking the bank about getting a Roth IRA. But, putting all my focus on paying off my debt, has definitely helped with putting my mind elsewhere than on he-who-must-not-be-named (Spoiler alert: Not Voldemort). I am also going to start hardcore looking for another job that is in my field!

My plan if I can get a Roth IRA is that if I do $20/month until I turn 65, I will have saved $10,000 without interest.

–Just kidding. Mom said no. And since I already have gotten into trouble for getting a credit card without her permission.. Roth IRA will have to wait :/

I also want to ask my old bank if I can get other savings accounts and name them by what I am saving for — car fund, emergency fund, medical fund. Apparently, you can do that there. I still have an account there. So, why not? I plan on getting my finances in order since I am not spending as much money anymore. Plus, I am in my 20ā€™s and single. Best time is now.


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